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Brighter Days Ahead Adult DTF Transfer + Digital File + Mock-up

Brighter Days Ahead Adult DTF Transfer + Digital File + Mock-up

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Create something extraordinary with the new DTF transfers from Scarlow Digital! By purchasing our transfers, you will get early access to those designs. The transfer designs will be available as digital downloads 15 days after the transfer launch date.


This transfer is 11 inches in height and is fit for adults shirts.


Your order will ship next day IF the purchase is made Monday-Thursday before 2pm CST. All orders placed after 2pm CST on Thursday will ship on Monday. Please keep in mind that shipping times are determined by USPS. We will ship your order the next day but USPS will deliver at a later date. 

What will you receive?

You will receive the mock-up of the design on a white garment as photographed in the listing above. You will receive your mock-up as a digital download via email. 

For all first edition transfers (see title), you will receive the digital file with your purchase. Digital file terms of use still apply to the digital files you will receive. With your package, you will receive your transfer(s) and pressing instructions. 

What are DTF transfers?

DTF transfers are NOT like sublimation transfers...they're even better! Our transfers can be pressed onto 100% cotton, 100% polyester, and cotton/poly blends. Also, these transfers have a full white under base which means you can press onto any color tee and the design will show in full color. DTF transfers have a soft feel and typically last longer than traditional screen-print transfers.

Pressing Instructions:

These transfers MUST be heat pressed on the garments. You CANNOT use an iron or cricut easy press on these transfers. It must be a heat press with adjustable pressure.

1. Preheat garment to remove excess moisture.

2. Align transfer on your garment in the appropriate spot.

3. Temperature: 325 degrees F

4. Pressure: Heavy

5. Time: 8 seconds

6. Allow transfer to COOL before removing the film.

7. Lay parchment paper over design and repress for an additional 8 seconds to cure into shirt.

8. Wait 24-hours before washing or stretching.

Care Instructions:

Wait 24 hours before washing or stretching.

When you wash, turn the garment inside out.

Machine wash with mild detergent and dry on a normal setting on household machines.

Do NOT use bleach, fabric softener, or dry clean.

Instructions apply to the. material only.  Please follow garment washing instructions a well.

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