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2024 July Seamless Google Drive

2024 July Seamless Google Drive

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This is NOT a monthly subscription. This listing is ONLY for patterns released in July of 2024. If you wish to purchase each month, you must purchase as I release the months OR you can purchase the yearly drive option which will include all seamless patterns that I make in the year 2024.

This item is a digital download ONLY and NO physical item(s) will be shipped to you.

-All seamless patterns made and will be made in the month of May. This will include all seamless patterns made between May 1st, 2024 and May 31st, 2024. This drive will NOT include any misc. items such as insert cards, can glass wraps, etc.
-Commercial License to use the seamless patterns on any and all physical products such as shirts, transfers, print-on-demand, etc. with unlimited use.
-Designs that are exclusive to drive-holders.
-Access to designs before they're listed online.

-Add this listing to your cart and purchase as you would any other design.
-Once the payment has cleared, you'll be sent an email that contains instructions on how to request access to the drive.
-Designs will be uploaded as they are created.

-No refunds or exchanges will be given if you purchase any designs individually.
-Once you are granted access to a drive, no refunds, exchanges, or cancellations will be honored. If you purchase the incorrect drive, you must request a refund/exchange BEFORE I grant you access.

This is STRICTLY prohibited. You may not screenshot or share my mockups containing my watermark. This includes sharing with your customers to gain interest. You will need to purchase your own mockup and add your watermark. It's just the cost of doing business and it's tax-deductible!

-You may sell my designs on physical products. That includes shirts, cups, keychains, transfers, print on demand, etc. You may also have these files sent to a printer as long as the prints are going to be used by you and you only. You will need to inform your printer that they are prohibited from using these files outside of your business transaction because they have not purchased these files. Please review the "abusing access to the drive" below.
-You may add elements to a design, such as a name, as long as you are using it on a physical product and not selling it digitally.
-You may NOT sell any of my designs as digital files.
-You may NOT pull elements from designs to incorporate in your own designs.
-You may NOT remove any elements from my designs.
-You may NOT copy or trace my designs.
-You may NOT claim my designs as your own artwork.
-Credit is much appreciated but not required :)

If you share the link to the drive with anyone, give my designs away, sell my designs as digital files, or claim the designs as your own, original artwork: your access to the google drive will be revoked and you will NOT be refunded and legal action will be taken.

Scarlow Digital, LLC./Katie Altice owns the copyright to all designs in the drives. You will be given permission to use the designs but you will NOT own the copyright to said designs.

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