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Los Angeles PNG Digital Design Download, city png designs, colorful png, stars png, png for women, California png, city and state png design

Los Angeles PNG Digital Design Download, city png designs, colorful png, stars png, png for women, California png, city and state png design

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Create something extraordinary with a PNG design from Scarlow Digital!


-Please read through the description of the item before you reach out with any questions :)

-This is a digital item. No physical items will be shipped to you.

-This is NOT an SVG file and we cannot convert the files for you.

-I do not provide help with the creation process. I am a digital artist and anything outside of that I will be unable to help with.

-I do not provide technical help. Google is your best friend! If your computer or printer is having issues, I will not be able to help you.


-My PNG designs are drawn onto a 12x12 inch digital canvas at 300 DPI.

-I use both RGB and CMYK color profiles. However, if you are needing a specific color profile, I can always change the profile to fit your needs. Just email me after purchasing and I can get that done for you!

-Your download will include a PNG file with a transparent background.

-Outside of the information above, I do not provide any info on design elements, fonts, color codes, etc.


My designs can be used for personal and commercial use but please review the terms below:

-You MAY use this design up to 100 times on physical products. If you’ve sold 100 products of one design, you may repurchase the design in place of a license. However, if you prefer not to keep up with quantity, I offer a license on my website that’s $65 and applies to all past, present, and future designs with unlimited use. You can find the license(s) by searching “commercial-use license” in the search bar on my shop’s homepage.

-You MAY use my designs on any physical products. This includes transfers, print-on-demand, t-shirts, keychains, decals, etc. You may send my designs to a printer but the printer may not use my designs for their own use. They will need to purchase my design if they wish to print for their own use.

-You may NOT use our mockups. If it has my watermark on there, it is my copyrighted photo and you may not share it with anyone. This includes sharing it with your customers to gain interest. It’s the cost of doing business and designs are tax deductible :) All of the mockups I use can be found on Etsy and I will be more than happy to send you the shop names!

-You may NOT sell my design in any digital state. This includes incorporating parts of my design into your own digital files.

-You may NOT share my files with anyone. This includes sharing it in sublimation dump groups, sharing with friends, etc.

-You may NOT alter my design in any way, shape, or form and then resell it as a digital file. You MAY alter my design if you’re adding something to it (such as a name) if you’re using it on physical products. However, you may NOT remove anything from the photo.

-You may NOT copy or trace my designs (or parts of) to avoid these terms.

-Although you will have access and permission to use my design(s) under these terms, I still own the copyright to my designs. You may not claim these designs as your own. Credit is much appreciated but not required :)


-The photos in my listing are photoshopped. I cannot guarantee that the design will turn out that way on a physical product. Colors will vary depending on if you’re using the design for sublimation, screen-prints, etc. The color could also vary depending on the color of product you’re pressing the design onto.

-My mock-ups cannot be used. My mock-ups are for Scarlow Digital’s use ONLY.

-There could possibly be slight color-changes to the design after you’ve printed it. But for major color changes, I would check your printer settings.



-Refunds and cancellations will be honored as long as the item has not been downloaded.

-If you’ve accidentally purchased an item twice, I can cancel your order even if the item has been downloaded. This is the only case that I will issue a refund/cancellation.

-Exchanges are not offered at this time.


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Description Updated: July 18th, 2023

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