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Tshirt Mock-up

Tshirt Mock-up

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Tshirt Brand: Bella Canvas 3001

Save time, money, and materials when you use our mock-ups to show off your new project! The days of struggling with lightening, props, and backgrounds are over. Let us do all the work for you!

One high-resolution JPG file.
The image will be free of all watermarks.
The file is compatible with all editing softwares such as Procreate and Photoshop.

After your payment has cleared, you will receive an email with your download. That being said, please make sure you purchase using an e-mail address that you have access to. This is the only way to download your mock-up.

You may NOT use our mock-ups in the following ways:
-Selling our mock-ups with designs already added to It.
-Selling our mock-ups without designs added to It.
-Alter the model's face or body features in any way.
-Claim the image as your own even after adding the design.

You MAY use our mock-ups in the following ways:
-For personal + small-business use
-Adding a design to the shirt or object in the photo
-Use our mock-ups with unlimited use. No license required.

Credit to our shop is not required but much appreciated!

You will need an image-editing app to add a design to the mock-up such as Procreate or Photoshop. We kindly ask that you do your research before buying a mock-up from us because we do not offer advice, help, or tutorials on how to put a design on a mock-up. We recommend watching some tutorials on Youtube if you need help adding a design to our mock-ups.

We try our best to make each mock-up as perfect as possible. However, we still make mistakes! That being said, if there is any issues regarding quality, please reach out to us. We usually respond within the hour unless we receive a message late at night.

Quality is the ONLY reason we will cancel/refund an order. The issue you may have with quality must be proven before we will grant a cancellation/refund.

If you place an order accidentally, do NOT download the item. We will NOT refund/cancel/or exchange an image once it's been downloaded.

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